So, you’ve just made an offer on a house, and you couldn’t be more excited. The kitchen is spacious and modern. The floor plan is open and inviting.

And the house is in a great location with a stunning view. There’s just one problem—the backyard is much smaller than you would prefer. Don’t fret! With these seven tips to maximize a small outdoor living space, you can make even the tiniest yard work for you.

  1. Use built-in folding furniture: Does your new home feature a tiny deck? If there’s a railing, you can turn it into the best seat in the house with a folding bar top. When you’re ready to hang out, fold the table into position and pull up a few barstools. When you’re done, put the stools away and fold the table down to free up space.
  2. Invest in stackable furniture: Having enough barstools, chairs, and other outdoor seating ensures everyone has a place to sit. Yet when you want to make room for other activities in your tiny backyard, folding or stacking furniture makes it easy to tuck the chairs away.
  3. Choose multifunctional furniture: Find a storage ottoman that doubles as a footrest. Look for a side table with a removable top where you can keep extra chair cushions. Choose an outdoor sofa with flip-up armrests where you can store bug spray and sunscreen. These multifunctional designs are valuable space-savers.
  4. Get a fire pit table: This versatile option is ideal for tight spaces because it doubles as a fire feature and table for drinks and appetizers. You can also move the table aside when needed to clear space for other backyard activities.
  5. Plant a vertical garden: When you want a garden but don’t have much room to spare, just look up! There are many ways to grow plants vertically, whether by building ledges on a south-facing fence, using tiered plant holders, hanging baskets over a deck railing, or attaching pots to a trellis.
  6. Create a faux yard: As long as it’s executed properly, faux grass is a great way to add some green to a small urban patio. To make the turf seem more realistic, be sure to mask any hard edges that could give away the illusion.
  7. Hang lights: Even the smallest outdoor space takes on a magical atmosphere when you turn on mood-setting outdoor lights. Solar lights are especially popular since they don’t cost anything to operate and turn on automatically at sunset. These come in many forms, including hanging lanterns, string lights, rope lights, garden lights, and deck railing lights.

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