Buying A Home in Columbus, OH

Vutech & Ruff, Cutler Real Estate is your top source for learning about home buying in Columbus, OH. Our real estate experts have laid out the most crucial steps to buying a home. We’re here to guide you and assist your home buying search. Please contact us today so we can get to know each other. It’s time to discover the home of your dreams.

Home Buying Checklist

1. Find the Perfect Realtor for You

A realtor’s duty is much more than simply finding you a house. Realtors act as consultants and advocates for your happiness, helping you decide which home and neighborhood will fulfill you most. Please contact us today and learn more about what we can do for you.

2. The Right Neighborhood to Buy A Home

Selecting the right neighborhood is an integral component of finding the right home for you and your family.

The neighborhood you choose will dictate the adjustments you need to make, as well as where you’ll live. Your neighborhood will most likely determine where your kids go to school, how much time your work commute takes, and your proximity from other parts of the city.

Make sure you tour and get to know different neighborhoods before selecting the right home for you. Your realtor can help you form a plan of action with your preferred school districts, preferred location, and general lifestyle.

We’re here to evaluate your needs and narrow down the neighborhoods ideal for your living.

3. Obtain A Pre-Approval Letter for Your Home

Our realtors will help you attain a pre-approval letter. Receiving pre-approval from a lender will determine what mortgage you qualify for and shows proof to a seller that you’re a legitimate buyer.

4. We’ll Show You Suitable Properties

We’ll guide you through a list of potential properties according to your preferences and your budget.

5. Presenting an Offer to the Buyer

Have you found the perfect home for you? If so, its time to present an offer to the seller. Your realtor will walk with you every step of the way, helping you establish terms and working through any counter offers made by the seller.

6. Finalizing Your Home Buying Contract

Finally, you’ve arrived at the first true step in making your dream home a reality. A contract solidifies the details of your purchase. We’ll be there to work through your contract, making the process as easy as possible.

7. Order Professional Inspectors to Assess Your Home

We work exclusively with the most trusted inspectors in the area. The inspector evaluates your home and seeks any damages or issues. You will make your remedy requests after the inspection takes place.

8. Formal Loans and Good Faith Estimates

Letting your lender know about the finalized contract is crucial for proceeding. Your agent will open clear lines of contact with your lender, establishing a fair timeline and lending estimate.

9. How to Receive Homeowner’s Insurance

All you’ll need to do is contact your insurance agent and inquire about your homeowner’s insurance options. Your agent will also provide an insurance quote for you.

10. The Final Walk Through Your New Home

The last walk through is a step away from completing the process. You will observe your home one last time before your move and review your final settlement.

11. Closing and Taking Possession of Your New Home

Today’s the day. After signing and completing your loan documents, the seller will transfer the deed to your name and hand you the keys. Welcome to the home of your dreams!

Your Home Buying Financial Checklist

Making sure you have your budget and costs in mind is essential before finding your new home. Our team is here to guide you throughout, addressing any questions or concerns. Please read and ask yourself the following financial questions. We can assist you with the details.

1. What Is an Earnest Money Deposit?

An earnest money deposit is money you pay before closing to show good faith in your purchase. Earnest deposit costs will vary depending on the size and scope of your loan amount request.

2. When Will My Appraisal Fee Be Collected?

The time of appraisal collection depends on your lender. Some lenders may request the fees before the appraisal takes place, while others will wait until you’ve closed on your home to collect.

3. What’s the Cost of My Home Inspection?

Many inspections take place within your complete home inspection such as looking for termites, signs of radon, and issues with your septic tank. The collective costs will be determined by your inspector.

4. What is My Closing Cost?

Your closing cost is determined by your lender and title holder. Taxes and insurance are calculated into your closing cost.

5. How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?

Your insurance cost depends on what’s included and calculated. Some homeowners pay mortgage insurance along with their regular mortgage payments.