Explore the Best Neighborhoods in Central Ohio

Central Ohio is a thriving housing market in the United States, and it holds tremendous untapped potential. The rich and varied neighborhoods in and around Columbus hold treasures for every potential buyer, and each neighborhood presents a distinct flair and personality. Whether you are looking for centrality, the best place to raise a family, or a cultural center grounded in history, you can find it in Columbus or in one of the surrounding communities. Let Vutech | Ruff, Cutler Real Estate help you navigate your real estate needs as you explore some of the best neighborhoods in Central Ohio.

Downtown Columbus – Arena District and Franklinton

These days, Arena District is considered the heart of downtown Columbus because of just how much it offers to residents and visitors. Arena District’s layout offers work and living spaces in close proximity to nightlife, entertainment, and eateries, convenient for both drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, or commuters. Franklinton, just west of downtown Columbus, is the city’s creative center and inspires everyone who visits or lives there. Both Arena District and Franklinton are thriving neighborhoods with outstanding potential.

Short North – Italian Village and Victorian Village

In the Short North area, Victorian Village and Italian Village are the perfect places to invest if you are looking for storied neighborhoods steeped in history that shines through in stunning architecture. The energetic Victorian Village is close to Ohio University and features the eclectic North Market. Italian history and culture populate Italian Village.

Columbus South – Brewery District and German Village

Brewery District and German Village in Columbus South are also history-rich neighborhoods that perfectly accommodate residents looking to live close to the convenience of eateries, entertainment, and social life.
German Village is a living preservation of legacy, and the architecture is a stunning display of Columbus heritage. Designated as a historic neighborhood, the charm and appeal of German Village are protected and bound to remain intact for years to come. High property values make this area a winner for potential investors and homebuyers.
Once a haven for immigrants seeking greener pastures, Brewery District has morphed into a central hub of activity for a diverse group of residents, visitors, and professionals. No visit to Brewery District is complete without a trip to City Brewery, the oldest in Columbus, and a stop to see the various emblems that represent a long history of German presence and culture.

East Side – Olde Towne East

Old Towne East near Columbus’ East Side boasts a peppering of historical landmarks and various architectural styles. Old Towne East is one of the most active neighborhoods in the Columbus housing market, as it has seen rapid revitalization in recent years. This is one of the best neighborhoods in Columbus to consider for investment, and having a reliable real estate agent like Vutech | Ruff, Cutler Real Estate can help you make it happen.


Clintonville offers a peaceful environment filled with parks and greenery, as well as many options for active residents. Clintonville is home to the North Clintonville, South Clintonville, Beechwold, and North of Morse areas and lies close to the Ohio State campus. Fun fact: Columbus’ first zoo was once in Clintonville.

Northwest – Harrison West

Harrison West is one of the top neighborhoods in Columbus when it comes to centrality. Located close to downtown and many other neighborhoods and suburbs, it’s a great place to be if you want to get around. The true community spirit of Harrison West shines through during Ohio State football games, when the area becomes flooded in scarlet and gray, as well as the jubilant cheers of supporters and fans.

The Northern Suburbs – Powell and Delaware

Powell is an award-winning city home to several luxury neighborhoods populated by Columbus families and professionals. Just a short ride from Columbus, Powell and its neighborhoods are the perfect places to raise a family, do business, or take a vacation. Contact Vutech | Ruff, Cutler Real Estate to learn more about property in Powell.

Delaware’s reputation speaks for itself. Recognized as a 2021 Best Hometown in Ohio and a Top 50 Best Place to Live in America, this suburb is a magnet for those seeking tranquility in proximity to the conveniences of a fast-paced city life. The strong history of Delaware shines through in the 19th-century architecture that populates the suburb.

The Northwestern Suburbs – Dublin and Hilliard

Dublin is an attractive suburb for the business-inclined; it is home to the headquarters of some of America’s most prominent businesses. Kroger, Wendy’s, and Cardinal Health are among the businesses that have found a home in Dublin, an economical center that serves as a beacon of municipal innovation in Ohio. Dublin is perfect for parents with high school-aged children; the neighborhood’s schools consistently rank among the top in the country.

Unique attractions, history through art, and visible culture make Hilliard one of the best locations in Columbus for visitors and residents alike. Twenty-five city parks for walking, biking, having a picnic, and everything in-between reflect Hilliard’s commitment to community activity. Take a stroll through the breathtaking Old Hilliard as you soak up this burgeoning community’s wonderful history.

Grove City

Fewer than ten minutes out of downtown Columbus lies Grove City, home to some 43,000 residents who wear their pride for their city on their sleeves. Community pride is a massive part of Grove City culture, and showing support for sporting events, the arts, and local businesses is second nature to residents here. Grove City is a blossoming economic hub that is home to more than 1,200 businesses.

Upper Arlington

Just northwest of downtown Columbus lies Upper Arlington. Boasting a world-class school system and a collection of 23 parks covering some 180 acres of land, Upper Arlington is a city ideal for raising a family. Community spaces are cherished in Upper Arlington, and a trip around town will reveal public art as unique and varied as the architecture of the city’s homes. Explore the history of Upper Arlington through the Upper Arlington History Trail as you walk along the city’s roads.

Grandview Heights

Alight with activity just outside of downtown Columbus lies Grandview Heights, an eclectic neighborhood that features some of the best Columbus has to offer to eat, drink, and do. Situated in the middle of some of Columbus’ major thoroughfares and locations, Grandview Heights is worth exploring for those who value centrality and ease of access. Explore Grandview Heights’ many and varied shops, boutiques, taverns, and more.


Recognized not once, but twice by Money Magazine as one of America’s Best Places to Live, Westerville is proud to provide world-class amenities and services to residents and visitors alike. Community activity is at the heart of Westerville, and over 37,000 residents enjoy over 40 parks and a quality school district. Visitors to Westerville are struck by its natural beauty and the carefully planned layout of the area. Because job creation is on the rise in Westerville, investors and homebuyers have been keeping a keen eye on this burgeoning community.


Located just out of Columbus proper, Worthington offers the best of both worlds – the convenience of city living and the allure of a peaceful small-town life. A visit to Worthington today is a reflection of the Worthington of the past, when residents from all walks of life would come together on the Village Green in the spirit of community. Worthington is a blend of commercial and residential life, and the suburb values faith, community, art, and education.

What Kinds of Homes Can You Buy in Columbus?

Architecture in Columbus is wide and varied to reflect its diverse and deep history. In Columbus, you can find Victorian and Queen Anne homes with steep, gabled roofs and colorful facades. You can also buy craftsman or foursquare homes for purchase throughout the city, as well as Cape Cods and ranches. Columbus also has a selection of split-level new colonial-style homes. Vutech | Ruff, Cutler Real Estate can also help you source new builds.

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