Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming. The home buying process is complex, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Need some help? We’ve got first-time buyer tips to assist you as you navigate this unfamiliar territory.

  • Know how to save for a home. When you’re preparing to buy your home, save enough money for a down payment, closing costs, and move-in expenses. One of the biggest first time home buyer mistakes is not putting enough money down, so save as much as you can, even if your mortgage lender doesn’t require it. Closing costs will be 2-5% of your purchase price, but you can ask the seller to pay part of that.
  • Determine how much home you can afford. This may not be the same amount that a lender is willing to loan you. You’ll want to get preapproved by a mortgage lender before you place an offer on a home, but only borrow as much as you’re able to comfortably afford. When determining your budget, consider factors like taxes, HOA fees, and home insurance.
  • Explore the real estate market. Consider what type of home you need and which specific features you’d like to find. Browsing real estate websites will give you an idea of housing prices and the availability of properties in the area where you’d like to live.
  • Build up your credit. Check your credit score before you apply for a mortgage. Take steps to strengthen your credit, like paying down debt to lower your debt to income ratio.
  • Know your mortgage options and selection. There is a wide range of mortgages available, and they all have different payment and eligibility requirements.
    • Conventional mortgages: not backed by the government, sometimes require as little as 3% down for first time buyers.
    • FHA loans: down payments as low as 3.5%, insured by the Federal Housing Administration.
  • Take advantage of first-time buyer programs. There are many programs designed to incentivize first time buyers. You may be able to get a low-interest-rate mortgage, help with your down payment and closing costs, and tax credits.
  • Hire the right agent. A good real estate agent can be a true partner in the home buying process, helping you locate and view homes, negotiating with the seller, and protecting you from pitfalls.

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