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Anna Vutech

Born and raised in Columbus, Anna studied Entrepreneurship and Art History at DePaul University in Chicago. Over the next five years she honed her selling skills working in sales of home remodeling design, art and rare furnishings, and as a kitchen designer for bespoke Italian cabinetry at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Realizing she lacked an in-depth understanding of the appliances that served as the foundation of her designs, she spent two years working with a leading appliance manufacturer in San Francisco. It was this drive to think through challenges as holistically and thoroughly as possible and her love of helping people that led her to selling real estate in the Bay Area with Kim Cole Real Estate. After three incredible years in real estate across the East Bay, she and her partner decided it was time to move closer to family in the Midwest. Coming back to Columbus after 10 years living elsewhere has brought a newfound appreciation for this beautiful place we call home.

Anna’s strengths are her transparency, tenacity, and friendly demeanor. Above all else, she loves getting to know people and helping them achieve their goals in buying or selling a home. In her free time, you can find her hiking, reading non-fiction, tending to her garden, and visiting every flea market and vintage shop she can find.