After a few years of occupying the same old house filled with the same old furnishings, it’s easy to feel uninspired by your surroundings. Fortunately, you can revitalize your living space and boost your mood by making a few simple and inexpensive changes. Here are seven updates to try.

  1. Break up your living space: Each room in your home is already designated for certain activities, but you can break it up even more to help you focus on different tasks. For instance, if you work from home but don’t have a dedicated home office, allocate an area of the guest room, living room, or dining room as your workspace. An area rug, curtain, or room divider is the perfect way to set this space apart from the rest of the room.
  2. Rearrange the furniture: Sometimes, you just need a little change. Moving the furniture around can make your living space feel fresh, clean, and new, even if all the furnishings are the same.
  3. Experiment with color: Painting the walls is one of the least expensive and most transformative things you change in a room. For a classic look, opt for cool neutrals. To create a focal point, consider painting a bold accent wall. And remember, painting isn’t your only option—you can also add pops of color with new throw pillows, curtains, an area rug, or artwork.
  4. De-clutter: There’s no better way to create a peaceful feeling in your home than getting rid of clutter. Tackle one room one weekend at a time until your home is clean, tidy, and only filled with things that make you happy.
  5. Try a little aromatherapy: Your sense of smell is a powerful tool. With certain aromas in the air, you may find it easier to focus, relax, or recharge. You have many options for filling a room with pleasant scents, including candles, oil diffusers, air mists, and fresh flowers.
  6. Raise houseplants: If outside is your happy place, bring a little of the outdoors in with houseplants or a windowsill herb garden. Don’t have a green thumb? Fresh-cut flowers and even faux greenery have the power to boost your mood.
  7. Adjust the lighting: Natural light has mood-boosting benefits, so wash the windows and open the curtains to lift your spirits. Ambient lighting can also set the mood at night. Consider adding cove lights, under-cabinet lighting, and other accents for just the right amount of illumination after dark.

While these little changes can help you make the most of your home, sometimes the best thing is to find a new home altogether. If you’re thinking about moving to, from, or within Columbus, OH, let Vutech | Ruff, Corcoran Global Living help you on your home-buying journey. Our real estate agents bring 60+ years of combined experience to the table, giving us the knowledge to help you navigate today’s complex housing market. To work with our award-winning Ohio real estate company, please contact our office at 614-897-0618 today.