Adding a Mother-in-Law Suite to Your Home?

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These days, the idea of a nuclear family is taking a different shape. As of 2019, 20% of Americans are living with two or more adult generations in a single household – up from 12% in 1980 – and that shift has prompted many homeowners to expand their homes to fit a larger family under one roof.

What Is an In-Law/Mother-in-Law Suite?

A mother-in-law suite is a space specifically built and designed for the long-term stay of one (or more) family members – usually the homeowner’s parent or parents. These suites are great dwelling options for family members that need the support and care of their children or grandchildren or who want to be closer to their family.

An in-law suite

How Are Suites Configured or Added to Your Home?

A typical mother-in-law suite consists of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette, and living space. Most homeowners choose to turn an underused space in their home into a mother-in-law suite – such as a basement or an attached garage – but some build detached mother-in-law suites elsewhere on their property.

Comfort and privacy are key considerations when adding a mother-in-law suite. For that reason, most homes with mother-in-law suites have other accessibility additions or modifications, like ramps or railings for people with mobility challenges who want to stay with their family while maintaining their independence.

The Benefits of an In-Law/Mother-in-Law Suite

Right now, more than 40% of Americans in the market for a house are searching for homes with mother-in-law suites to accommodate an elderly parent or adult children. With benefits like saving money, keeping a close eye on elderly parents, and enjoying the closeness of having multiple generations under one roof, it’s understandable that homes for sale with mother-in-law suites have become more popular in recent years.

Some homeowners seek out homes with mother-in-law suites to ensure they can offer family members an extended stay space over the holidays or during other long trips. Between those long trips, that accessory space can function as a home office or a craft room.

Your home’s market value may also go up after you add on a mother-in-law suite, so don’t be surprised to see a solid return on that investment the next time you refinance your home or when it’s time to sell. Searches for homes with mother-in-law suites only continue to rise in popularity, and a quality real estate company will know how to help connect you with buyers able to see the value in your property – and willing to pay you top dollar for it.

Tips for Adding a Mother-in-Law Suite to Your Home

A new construction project can be delightful or daunting, depending on your attitude, but it’s important to ensure your new mother-in-law suite is legal before you start building. Check city and municipal zoning ordinances and permitting requirements and work with real estate experts and licensed contractors to plan your design.

Search for homes for sale with mother-in-law suites in your area to get a good sense of how other homeowners have added this space to their home. Typically, basements and the space above the garage are the ideal in-home areas for a mother-in-law suite, though your contractor will be able to give you specific guidance based on the layout of your home.

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