Moving can be stressful for people, so imagine how anxious your pet must feel! A flurry of activity around the house, changes to the living space, and being introduced to a new environment are all stress-inducing for animals. Follow these tips for moving with pets to get your dog or cat to your new home as safely, efficiently, and easily as possible.

  • Pack a “pet essentials” kit that includes pet food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, and the litter box. Keeping these supplies all in one place allows you to unpack them the moment you enter your new home.
  • Crate train your pet in the weeks leading up to the move. Place treats inside an open carrier and eventually serve meals there. Carry your pet around the house or take them for a short drive in their crate. Helping your pet acclimate to the carrier will make it easier to confine them on moving day.
  • Remove your pet from the action. Ideally, this means leaving them with a friend or boarding them at a kennel on moving day. This may not be possible for long-distance moves, so the next best thing is to put them in their carrier in a quiet room with the door closed. Check on your pet regularly, offering food, water, and walks at all the usual times to create some semblance of routine amidst the chaos.
  • Help your pet adjust to their new home one room at a time to prevent them from feeling overwhelmed. Give your pet lots of love and attention, and present them with familiar toys and blankets to help them feel more at ease. Eliminate any hazards around the house before allowing your pet to explore, such as dangling electrical cords, open windows without screens, poisonous houseplants, and pest-control traps.
  • Contact your pet’s veterinarian if you’re moving out of the area. Request your pet’s medical records and an extra refill of prescription medications. Ask if your vet recommends any practices in your new neighborhood. If not, select one yourself as soon as possible so you have somewhere to take your pet at a moment’s notice in an emergency.
  • Update your pet’s information—including their tags and microchip registration—with your new address and phone number. You’ll be glad you did if your dog or cat goes missing during the move. After all, the unfamiliar house and neighborhood make it difficult for lost pets to make it home without help.

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