A final walkthrough inspection is the critical last step of buying a house. If the seller previously agreed to make repairs, this is your chance to check them out. A last-minute walkthrough also ensures the house is exactly the way you expect it to be when you move in. There’s a lot to think about, so it’s wise to bring this checklist with you to make sure you don’t overlook anything.

  • Know what to bring: To ensure a smooth walkthrough, come armed with your purchase contract, inspection summary, notepad, and real estate agent. It’s also worthwhile to have your phone handy so you can take pictures, if necessary. Bring your phone charger as well to test the electrical outlets.
  • Verify repairs or updates: Before checking anything else, make sure any repairs stated on the inspection summary have been completed to your satisfaction. The seller should have left behind warranties and receipts as proof of the work.
  • Make sure the seller is completely moved out: An empty house makes it easier to spot any hidden defects or damage that may have occurred during the move. It also prevents you from having to clean up after someone else.
  • Check windows and doors: Open and close them to ensure proper operation. Then, test latches and locks for their ability to adequately secure the house. Also, note if any window screens are missing, torn, or pop out easily.
  • – Inspect the bathrooms and kitchen: Look for standing water, mold, musty odors, and other signs of water damage. Test all faucets, showerheads, sprayers, and toilets for functionality and leaks. Also, verify that the water gets hot and that all drains flow smoothly.
  • Test the appliances and HVAC: Confirm that all appliances are in working order. Turn on the oven and cooktop, run a dishwasher cycle, test the garbage disposal, turn the washer and dryer on and off, and run the HVAC system in heating and cooling modes.
  • Test the electrical system: Make sure every light switch and outlet works. Here’s where the phone charger you brought along will come in handy. Also, verify that the doorbell, security system, and garage door openers work correctly.
  • Check the yard: Sellers are known to dig up plants when they move out, so check the landscaping for anything amiss. Then, test all outdoor features, such as landscape lights, hose bibs, irrigation systems, and gate latches.
  • Look for signs of pests: Critters may have moved in since the seller moved out, especially if they left garbage behind. Check for droppings, bite marks, chewed wiring, and other signs of uninvited pests.

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