When you first decided to sell your home, you expected it to move fast once eager buyers saw what you had to offer. But your property has been on the market for months now, and it isn’t generating the level of interest you hoped for. Have you done something wrong? Consider five common mistakes that could be preventing you from selling your house quickly.

Posting a Bad Listing

Several things can make a listing unappealing to prospective buyers. The first is unprofessional pictures. Dim lighting, blurry images, and cluttered rooms are immediate turn-offs. Even if you can’t remove all your belongings for the photos, at least put away your laundry and do the dishes first! Then, hire a professional photographer to ensure high-quality images.

A poor write-up can also repel buyers. The description should accurately depict the house and outline what to expect without sounding phony. Edit your write-up several times to make sure it reads well and is free of typos.

Pricing Your Home Too High

When selling a house in Columbus, the goal is to hit the sweet spot between asking too much and asking too little. In a balanced market, this sweet spot is called fair market value. Online tools and a knowledgeable real estate agent can help you price your listing fairly. Be aware that you may need to accept a lower offer than your asking price in a buyer’s market.

Selling a Fixer-Upper

Most people want to buy a move-in-ready house, not one in need of repairs or renovations. While it’s certainly possible to sell a fixer-upper, you could get a better return on investment if you add value to your home first with a kitchen upgrade, bathroom addition, or exterior improvements. Your real estate agent will be able to advise you on which projects will net you the highest return on investment.

Not Staging Your Home for Showings

First, you must be willing to make showings as easy as possible for buyers. This might mean scampering off right at dinnertime or staying away all weekend for an open house event. In addition, you want to make your house as clean, clutter-free, and well-decorated as possible to increase its appeal. On average, staged homes sell 88 percent faster and for 20 percent more money than unstaged homes, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Working with the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Not all agents are created equal. Some are inexperienced and will offer poor advice. Others don’t know how to market your property effectively or are lazy about responding to buyers. To ensure a positive experience, choose a qualified, reputable agent to help sell your home in Columbus. Vutech | Ruff, Corcoran Global Living, makes selling your home faster and easier than you thought possible. Our award-winning agents have years of experience providing outstanding real estate services throughout the Greater Columbus area. We’ll help you create the listing, prepare for showings, and get top dollar for your home. Ready to get started? Call us at 614-897-0618 or contact us online today to speak with one of our knowledgeable Ohio real estate agents.