The real estate industry in 2022 is vastly different from what it was two decades ago. It has even seen tremendous change in the past two years, what with the upheaval of the housing market due to COVID-19. Thanks to the advent of the internet and the recent emphasis on social distancing, shopping for a home has gone almost completely digital.

According to the Real Estate in a Digital Age 2021 Report, 43% of home buyers look online for properties for sale as their first step in the process. Plus, 97% of all buyers use the internet at some point in their home search. Yet 87% of buyers still work with real estate agents. Here’s why the internet can’t replace the expertise of a real-life realtor.

Realtors Can Guide You

Thousands of online resources explain the real estate process in great depth, but sifting through all that information can be overwhelming. Plus, there may be laws or policies specific to your area that national websites don’t touch on.

That’s where a realtor comes in. This professional isn’t just a real estate industry expert—they’re also knowledgeable in the region where they work. This makes it effortless to find answers to your specific questions so you can buy or sell your home with confidence.

Realtors Can Provide Resources

Some home listings are made available to realtors first. This means, if you have a realtor by your side, you can get early access to the most in-demand properties before anyone else sees them. This benefit is especially useful in a hot real estate market when homes fly off the shelf in a matter of days. Plus, if you’re looking for a home inspector or mortgage lender, your realtor can provide you with a list of trusted recommendations.

Realtors Help You Evaluate the Property

Once you think you’ve found your dream home, your realtor can help you determine if the property is priced fairly for its condition. If any problems are found, they can advise you on what steps to take next, such as contacting a home repair company or negotiating a lower price with the seller.

Realtors Can Negotiate on Your Behalf

If you’re worried about the cost of hiring a realtor, rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth thanks to their negotiation skills alone. A trained real estate agent knows how much to offer or counteroffer if you’re buying, as well as when to reject an offer if you’re selling. This service is something no website or software program can replicate. As an official member of the Columbus Board of Realtors, Vutech | Ruff, Corcoran Global Living is consistently among the highest-producing teams in Central Ohio. Our team members have even been awarded the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation and are proud members of the Columbus Board of Realtors’ $25 Million Dollar Club. To learn more about our qualifications, please call 614-897-0618 or contact us online today. You can also begin your home search by browsing the current listings in Columbus, OH.