A suburb with over 200 years of history, attraction, and beauty

Westerville may fall between two counties, Franklin and Delaware, but residents know it as one incredible community.

A suburb full of beauty and diversion, Westerville may fall between two counties (Franklin and Delaware), but residents know it as one incredible community.

For over 200 years, Westerville has enticed people over and over to move within its borders northeast of Columbus. Its devotion to environmental preservation has made it an ideal area for its over 37,000 residents who are taken back by the green grass and beautiful trees that are all over the city. This also gives tools to those who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle since eco-preservation has given residents 600 acres of parkland and 30 miles of bikeways and trails.

The Westerville Community Center is always playing host to various family-friendly activities for people of all ages, such as Toddler Time, Teen Night, and Chatterbox, a meeting where you can learn all about how you can help the development of your child’s speech.

  • Family Fun

    The Westerville Community Center plays host to multiple events geared towards families.

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  • Multiple Outdoor Activities

    There is no shortage of bike or run trails within the 600 acres of parkland.

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